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GetHip-Security includes all the training materials you need.
HIPAA requires you to provide
Privacy Training to all members of your workforce.

This type of training will be a significant challenge. It involves training all of your clinicians, aides and office staff (both full-time and part-time). You will also have to provide training to any volunteers that may assist your agency's patients and in some situations you may need to provide training to contracted (temporary) staff as well.
Watch and Learn!   How do we train our Staff?
We have created a series of THREE STAFF TRAINING VIDEOS that complement the HIP software to help with this challenge. Separate videos have been prepared specifically for clinicians, aides and office staff. Each of these videos is approximately 20 minutes long. We also offer a brief video for patient's families and caregivers.

All of the staff training videos are organized in a similar manner. The first half of each video explains HIPAA.s requirements to your staff in terms they will understand. Emphasis is on familiarizing them with their responsibilities to protect patient privacy and to make certain protected health information is adequately secured. The second half of the videos presents each staff group with a series of scenarios illustrating typical situations they are likely to encounter where they need to be particularly vigilant.


The HIPAA for Families video is a unique resource. Its goals are twofold.
First, it is intended to inform patients and their families of their rights under HIPAA. As such, it complements your agency's Notice of Privacy Practices.

Second, it informs patients and their families of their responsibilities, recognizing the vast majority of home care agencies maintain a home file.

These educational resources will help you get your HIPAA training program off the ground quickly. Information on our training videos can be obtained from Briggs Corporation at 1-800-247-2343




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