"You guys are great!"

"GetHIP Privacy propelled our HIPAA compliance effort to reality, and we were ready by the deadline thanks to this program. We found the tools very useful and are still using the videos in our new staff training program today. You guys are great!”
Val Dalton, Vice President, Finance
Borgess Visiting Nurse & Hospice
Amherst Wilder Foundation
(President, Michigan Home Care Association)

"GetHIP quickly became the solution to our HIPAA nightmare."

"It's simple plan to delegate organizational duties and set timely meetings to move the process along was invaluable. For agencies of all sizes, GetHIP was the answer HIPAA compliance. Thanks to Tom Williams and Stony Hill Management, we look forward to your security product to keep us in compliance."
Richard A. Candler, President
Southland Home Health
(President, Home Care Association of Louisiana)

"The 'GAP' analysis gave us a roadmap..."

"The GetHIP Privacy software was invaluable. It pulled together all of the requirements that related to our energies productively instead of wading through a plethora of materials that didn’t affect us. The 'GAP' analysis gave us a roadmap for getting through the requirements, breaking them down into manageable parts. Covering everything from policies and procedures to training and evaluation, we were able to get everything in place ahead of the deadline with the confidence that we met the requirements."
Kay Stewart, PhD, Administrator
Marilyn Seiler, RN,MS, Director of Operations
HomeCall of Stillwater, Inc.
(Both past Presidents, Oklahoma Association for Home Care)

"Now I have a workplan..."

"Before HIP, all I had was a file folder full of lists and articles. Now I have a work plan for my agency."
Art Anderson
Home Management and Chore Service
Amherst Wilder Foundation
Community Services for the Elderly

"I am amazed..."

"I have reviewed the HIP software product and I am amazed at its completeness, accuracy and ease of use. We, in home care, finally have our own tool that will eliminate our anxiety over complying with the HIPAA rule. HIP tames this complex regulation and makes it possible for every size agency to achieve full compliance, in a timely manner; and to do so with very reasonable expenditures of money, staff time and effort. Every agency will benefit from HIP. Every agency will conclude that the money spent to purchase HIP was among the wisest expenditures it ever made. I heartily endorse HIP."
Gene Tischer, JD,
Executive Director
Associated Home Health Industries of Florida

"It's the first time..."

"It's the first time I felt like I could get my arms around the privacy regulations without being overwhelmed."
Bonnie Westra
Vice-President of Planning

"quite remarkable "

“What we expected to take weeks and months we were able to do in hours and days. We also had a budget of $10,000 specifically for compliance and to spend less than a thousand dollars and get complete piece of mind is quite remarkable.”
Dick Rau
Clement Manor

"Finally...everything you need..."

""Finally, a product that will do for HIPAA compliance what 'TurboTax' did for your taxes. It is everything you need to understand what to do and to get it done. Every home health care provider should buy this product!"
Pete Tanguay
Rock-Pond Solutions

The HIP-Security software is now available. This software module addresses the federal privacy requirements your organization will have to comply with by April 2005. This package provides you a complete tool kit, including a uniquely designed easy-to-use explanation of regulations, an assessment (gap analysis) instrument, sample forms and procedures, audit trail, project manager and reporting module. Purchase a copy of HIP-Security today! 1-866-436-7047!





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